• Billion BIPAC 8920NZ ADSL/VDSL/4G Router inc AC PSU

Billion BIPAC 8920NZ ADSL/VDSL/4G Router inc AC PSU

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Billion BIPAC 8920NZ ADSL/VDSL/4G Router

The Billion BiPAC 8920NZ triple-interface Fibre / ADSL2+ / eWAN / 4G router has an integrated dual SIM slots with embedded Sierra Wireless 4G module, eliminating the compatibility and stable supply issues associated with external USB dongles. The router also features external antenna connectors which remove the need for antenna adapter cables.

Advanced Triple WAN Failover Support

The 8920NZ has next generation Failover capabilities. The router can connect to the Internet using three WAN modes:

• ADSL - using ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ technologies
• or Fibre - FTTC Fibre technology
• eWAN - allows one of the LAN ports to be configured as a WAN port. This mode allows a third party router to be used as the WAN connection - for example a Cable router, sDSL or leased line connection.
• 3G/4G - insert a 3G or 4G SIM and connect via wireless Internet.

When operating in Dual WAN mode, the router can be configured to use any of the three modes as the primary WAN, with Failover to a different WAN connection as a backup. Here are some typical configurations:

Primary WAN connectionBackup WAN connection

ADSL or Fibre


eWAN (sDSL router) ADSL


eWAN (Cable router)

eWAN (leased line)3G/4G

These advanced Triple WAN capabilities allow the BiPAC 8920NZ to create a super reliable Internet connection for your business or in your home. The router will even notify you by e-mail in the event of a Failover event occurring. Please visit the  Dual WAN page for further information.


Built-in support for up to 4 IPSEC VPN tunnels with 3DES or AES encryption makes the BiPAC 7820NZ ideal for remote offices connecting to a central location. Recent firmware enhancements mean include Dead Peer Detection (DPD) and VPN keep-alive. The router is happy to interoperate with popular Cisco and Sonicwall firewalls if you require Enterprise level firewall and VPN capabilities.

Concerned about Data Usage?

The SIM cards Nucleus Networks supply allow email alerts to be configured so you will receive an email before you exceed your inclusive data bundle. Please ask for this service to be enabled when you order your SIM.

1) What is the default IP of the Billion 7820NZ? Answer: - access the web GUI via

3G capable Yes
4G capable Yes
Dual SIM Yes
Dual Cellular Modem No
2.4GHz WiFi Yes
5GHz WiFi No
LAN Ports 3
WAN Port 1
WAN Optional LAN Yes, giving 4 LAN
Failover Yes
Fibre Port 0
IO (Inputs & Outputs) No
AC Power Supply Yes
DC Power No
RS232 Serial No
RS422 Serial No
RS485 Serial No
Commercial Temperature Yes
Industrial Temperature No
Operating Temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
SMS Diagnostic Commands No
Cloud Managed No
Includes basic Antennas Yes
Router Yes
Warranty 2 years

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