• Encore Networks EnCloud Router Management Platform (1 Year)

Encore Networks EnCloud Router Management Platform (1 Year)

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Monitor and Manage EN™ Series Routers

The enCloud™ Enterprise Management System allow users of EN™ Series routers to remotely monitor and manage their installed base of EN™ routers. enCloud™ displays key information reflecting the current status of EN™ outers and provides tools to deploy configurations and firmware updates.

Manage Multiple deployments

enCloud™ is an ideal tool for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs). The hierarchical design allows devices and permissions to be assigned at different levels. One VAR can manage the devices of several customers all in one place while keeping one customer’s data separate from another’s. Users can be assigned to a VAR, a customer or a deployment group within a customer in order to accommodate different roles and responsibilities.

Automated Monitoring

Device data is updated regularly as routers communicate with enCloud™. The status of individual devices or entire deployment groups can be viewed with simple and customizable dashboards. Using the advanced rules engine, enCloud™ can be configured to automatically react to concerning device conditions with automated notifications and alerts. Rules can also trigger remedying actions on the device including rebooting the device, turning off or throttling data ports, or sending new configurations.

Manage Data Usage

Device data is updated regularly as routers communicate with enCloud™. enCloud™ has the ability to track and manage the individual data usage of EN™ Series routers but is also capable of managing groups of routers on shared or pooled data plans. This enables users to see which devices are using more than their fair share of data within a group and deploy solutions to throttle or disable data access protecting from large data overages.

Cloud Managed Yes

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